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Massage parlors in Amsterdam began as a massage “business”, but, for a man, laying naked on a table, being massaged by an attractive woman; the temptation was too great for the man not to ask for a little more and for the woman; it was an opportunity for extra income. The massage businesses that were known to give “happy endings” were beginning to be identified as parlors or massage parlors.  A massage parlor in Amsterdam is called a massage salon.

Massage Parlor in Amsterdam - Asmara Sex ClubAmsterdam is known for its liberal attitude regarding prostitution. With this philosophy, the massage parlors in Amsterdam became more than a place for massage. They became brothels. So it is for our massage parlor. We are a brothel, but we begin with a relaxing massage.

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Amsterdam, being the international city that it is, hosts thousands of conventions and is visited by millions of tourists. Many of whom, come to Amsterdam for the liberal attitude towards sex, prostitution and for the many coffee shops, which sell marijuana and hashish, legally. It was like, everyone wanted to taste the taboos in life, without fearing arrest or jail.

Many tourists say, “I can’t believe that I can go into a coffee shop and buy marijuana from a menu of selections, sit down, roll a joint and no one is going to make a problem about it and that I can go into a massage parlor in Amsterdam and choose the lady of my choice and pay for sex, LEGALLY!”

Our clients come from far away places, such as Dubai, United States, Japan, India, Russia, The Netherlands and the many countries in the European Union.

  • Our rooms are clean and hygienic
  • Showers in every room
  • No entry fee, and no extra charges in the room
  • Our prices are affordable and our girls attractive
  • We are conveniently located and reachable with trams, taxis and walking

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